Another DB support


Hi All,
your project is amazing very good work I just have one question are you planning to implement another db engines? Or maybe you have some good examples according to implement some RDBMS (of course in that style with the shared class library).


Thank you! :slight_smile:
We probably will not focus (at least for now) on RDBMS, however, you can take a look at my repository, which uses EF Core and can be easily integrated, as a part of DShop.


Hi thank you i asked same question here:

your repository create your defined entities.but i need to pass my model dynamic?
you defined your entities in your salecontext class ,but i have several api and each of them has its entities and i want to create in startuo file like this :slight_smile:


Hi @spetz, thank you for sharing the example about using EF Core with Sql Server, I’ve been researching with that project but there has been one question that confused me for a long time.
Q: How did you register the DI for your repository along with services with .Net Core in that project? I didn’t find any place that is injecting things like
services.AddScoped<IProductService, ProductService>(); or services.AddScoped<IProductRepository, ProductRepository>();
Could you please give me any hint on that? Thank you very much for your help!


I think I found out the usage was through Autofac by register all interfaces through project assembly…Wow this is really amazing!