Distributed .NET Core - Episode 1 [Intro, HTTP requests flow, Infrastructure with Docker]


The first episode is finally here - we’re discussing mostly the overall setup, configuration and to how get up and running with the services.


this looks like a magic, but still, your scripts (in DNC-DShop) work on my machine in a really strange way.

So script dotnet-build-local-all.sh (with only one repo) returns me error like:

but for some reason, it occurs only on two first repos. So for example if I will change variable REPOSITORIES to smth like:
then third and all next projects will be processed as they should:

do you have any ideas? :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s really weird indeed, could you try to run the same script using e.g. Git Bash or cmder?


it didn’t help, but I decided to leave it as is, so for “study purposes” it’s OK :slight_smile:


Ok, on the other hand, you can also simply type “dotnet build” if you have the DShop.sln file in the root directory that has references to the other projects :).


Maybe I’m too stupid to your course - so the question can be strange for you, but anyway
How should I look at this course when I want to start today?
As I see - on GitHub exists complete source, when you stared develop something (Episode 2 [CQRS - Write side, Discounts service, MongoDB repository]) You have prepared almost everything
I wanted to treat this course as live coding session - but it looks like lectures
Am I right?

Sorry for my stupidity - but based on your previous courses I’m used to the common work, but maybe I’m wrong this time