Distributed .NET Core - Episode 11 [Travis CI pipelines, custom MyGet feeds]


In the eleventh episode, we start discussing the first part of the CI & CD journey - how to use the build service (Travis CI in our scenario) and deal with the shared library using custom NuGet feeds (e.g. MyGet).


Hi Guys,
it was nice time to watch your on-time repairs with secrets sharing ;).

Do you know “Wercker” and if yes how would you compare it to “Travis”?
Do you plan to show in next episode, building docker images with pushing them in docker hub and maybe some deployment of them ? I am curios how Wercker and Travis differ in this topic.


Hi Szymon,
Thanks :). Personally, I haven’t heard of Wercker before, so it’s hard to tell what are the differences, but it seems that you can achieve the same as with Travis CI and maybe even more.
In the next episode, we will exactly do that - focus on Docker and how to deal with containers in a simple way, without introducing specialized orchestration tools (yet).


Nice, if so I will be able to make comparison by myself. Waiting for next part then, it is like waiting for Tv series on Netflix :wink:


Haha, thank you, Szymon! :smiley: