Latest develop branch is not building release


I checked out the latest develop branch and it’s not building the release version needed for the docker images. It appears they are referencing the DShop.Common package instead of the project in the solution. However the latest package on nuget does not have jaeger included.
That lead me to the build scripts where each project is just building the csproj, not the sln files, which would explain the reason to include the nuget package instead of the dshop.common project itself.

I guess the build scripts could use some improvement. I’d suggest setting up a build pipeline and using Cake to build the C# projects, build the docker images, do proper semver2 versioning and publish the nuget packages and docker images.

I could do PR on each of the project if wanted, adding cake to (re)build the docker images instead of shell scripts (which without bash installed don’t work on windows). Let me know if you want me to put some effort into that.

Kind regards,

Giovanni Van Geel


Any PR will be greatly appreciated. We simply forgot to update the NuGet (well, we have the automatic MyGet builds for the DShop.Common package, but we also use NuGet, so you don’t need to pass --source parameter with custom feed URL, which makes things a little bit easier).