Running in production: Nomad or Kubernetes


I just finished watching the series (7 episodes) and found it to be very educational! So thank you for all the efforts.

Now, let’s suppose I would like to run this in a production environment in the cloud. While this runs perfectly from the command-line or through the Governor project (and there are a lot of moving parts), that’s not the way you should/would be running this in a production environment.

I’d like to see how you would run these “microservices” in something like nomad and/or kubernetes. Next step would be to provision this to the cloud through terraform, including all infrastructure services like elk, prometheus, influxdb etc.
Then we could just run terraform apply and have a fully working DShop, with one command, complete with all supporting microservices, running in the cloud, which would make the whole series full circle.

Love to hear your comments…


we’re gonna dedicate a few episodes to DevOps-related stuff starting from Docker/Docker Compose basics, managing NuGet packages, configuring Travis CI ending on Docker images registry (DockerHub) and deployment witch Rancher. I’m not sure whether we will use k8s explicitly because we could avoid this with Rancher but I think we’ll probably write some Deployment/Services/Ingress kubernetes objects to show you how could you structure & configure it on the “production” environment :slight_smile:

As we said at the very beginning: this series is gonna be a complete guide, so we will definitely not skip deployment :slight_smile: